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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:22 am 
i need some fresh air

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I got this from an acquaintance of mine, get in touch via PM if you can help....

(Please excuse the blanket nature of this message but I need to reach as many animal lovers as possible – please forward to your friends and buying cialis online colleagues. I live and work in London and occasionally take unwanted dogs in, get them better and re home them to the countryside. As you know there’s a HUGE problem with Staffs in London, these are usually the dogs I take in. In the past I’ve been able to re home dogs easily, but Missy is severely traumatised and needs a particular type of mail order cialis person to become her forever family)

This is Missy’s story.

Two weeks ago, I ran into two 17yr old girls with two staffs, one was OK, the other was very sick. They gave the OK one to purchase viagra in canada'>purchase viagra in canada me, who I’ve re homed in Devon and is doing well. I desperately wanted to take the other dog but the girls were keen to keep her, because they’d just rescued her themselves. This dog is Missy.

Before them, Missy was owned by some people they ‘know’ but had been locked up (day and night in a backyard, even in the snow) for 8 months and daily cialis only given rice from a cat bowl to eat. She rarely got water. The girls bought Missy for £10.
The next day they naively let her off the lead in the park but having never been for a walk before, in her excitement she (apparently) ran into a fence, which resulted in a large facial wound and her eye came out of its socket. They took her to the nearest vet, who had to remove Missy’s right eye immediately. As if she hadn’t been through enough already!
The vet advised them to find her a new home, but one of the girls (Louise) insisted she wanted to keep her.

Louise has been in care all her life and recently moved into a gardenless squat. She’s a kind girl but frequently in and out of prison and a using drugs, is not a suitable owner for Missy.
I’ve visited them every day since and taken Missy to the vet 3 times for eye check ups and to what is viagra'>what is viagra cure her kennel cough. Physically she’s healing well, even putting on weight but having never been cared for, always locked up alone and cialis professional definitely been beaten (I can tell), she is terrified of everything. When a bus goes past she lies on the ground and shakes. I’ve never seen her tail come out from under her legs.
Over the past week, I’ve been building up Louise’s trust and helping with food. Last week Louise called to say she had to go to court and that it was likely she’d be going back to prison, so I took Missy in, which is how I know that she’s not aggressive towards other dogs – even when eating in the same room. Mine is male.
Louise was not sentenced and Missy had to go back!

A few days later Missy was due to go to the vets to have her stitches taken out. The appointment was at 11am but despite calling and going round, I couldn’t get hold of Louise and Missy never made the appointment. At 3.30 that afternoon Louise called to say she’d been out the night before and only just woken up. Again I asked Louise to let me have her, but she declined.
Then yesterday she called to say she’d decided Missy should leave London, agreeing with me that this is not the only here cialis generic right place for her to heal physically or emotionally. A huge relief.

So now I am looking for a wonderful person to love, nurture and be Missy’s family for the rest of her life. My husband and I would truly love to keep her (she’s an amazing and very brave girl) but we live in the centre of London and she deserves more.
I’ve decided to leave Missy with Louise (under my guidance – only two blocks away) until I can find her a home, because I don’t want her to get used to being spoilt with me and then have to move on yet again. The next time she moves should be the last. Louise has given me a week.

If you would like to be Missy’s forever family please get in touch. Either way please don’t sit on this message - I would be grateful if you could forward it onto to the animal lovers you know.
Thank you.

Medium staffie cross.
Vet says no pit bull in her.
10 months old.
Not spayed.
Not chipped.
Malnourished but putting on weight.
Eye wound healing well - currently on Antibiotics and painkillers.
No other physical ailments.

Absolutely terrified of traffic, loud noises and fast arm movements.
Doesn’t pull on the lead.
Not aggressive in any way.
Very affectionate, cuddles and good choice buying viagra online kisses a lot.
Doesn’t bark but does cry sometimes - likely to be her eye discomfort and should stop when she’s better.
Must live in the countryside and have her own garden.
Can live with other dogs.
Must not be left alone for long periods of time, although she doesn’t cry if you leave her for a short time.
Must live with someone who will love her unconditionally and give her the time and guidance she needs.
Must take her on forever and not give up on her if things get difficult.

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