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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:44 pm 
i need some fresh air
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7" vinyl
Abnegation - Sown in the Remains (metal influenced mid 90's vegan straight edge. pretty rare.) Catalyst Records
Absence - From the Bloodshed (old school Italian vegan straight edge, pretty rare) Cycle Records
Awake - Beliefs (later repressed by Victory Records, this is the OG version) Skene Records
Black Flag - Six Pack (original) SST Records
Brother's Keeper - Shadowcast (first BK release) Lake Effect Records
Conflict - To A Nation of Animal Lovers (AR benefit from Conflict) Mort Records
Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (includes original plastic sleeve and levitra online switzerland'>levitra online switzerland patch) Subterranean Records
Edgewise - Silent Rage (first pressing Smorgasbord #3 / layout by Guav) Smorgasbord Records
Elizabeth Herz - s/t (more political early-mid 90's hc from the East Coast I think) Old Glory Records
Extinction - What You Have Created (limited black vinyl - out of 100/ members of Suicide File, Hope Con, The Suicide Note, etc.) Catalyst Records
Extinction - What You Have Created (TEST PRESS/ members of Suicide File, Hope Con, The Suicide Note, etc.) Catalyst Records
Egg Hunt (Jeff Nelson and Ian Mckaye project band) Dischord Records
Final Exit - Too Late For Apologies (OG Final Exit 7" members of Refused) Third Party Records
Fabric - s/t (more mellow/melodic early 90's hc) Doghouse Records
Flagman - Restraint (purple vinyl) Watermark Records
Flagman - s/t (early 90's melodic NJ hardcore) Consequence Records
Four Walls Falling - s/t (classic 7", first pressing.) Axtion Packed Records
Gather - Total Liberation (black/green marble vinyl - cover has a little bit of damage) New Eden Records
Hardstance - s/t (classic/awesome OC sxe hc - Zach de la Rocha on guitar) Conversion Records
Ice Nine - Psychology and Extreme Violence (Indianapolis chaotic hc) Rhetoric Records
Ice Nine - Psychology and Extreme Violence (Indianapolis chaotic hc - blue/white marble) Rhetoric Records
Iceburn - Burn/Fall (early 90's kick ass melodic hc from SLC - clear vinyl) Victory Records
Lifeforce - s/t (awesome mid-90's vegan sxe from Germany, sounds like Raid) Red Silence Records
Majority of One - Rage (early 90's midwest hc from Toledo) Doghouse Records
Once Again - as the fire went out (90's Ebulition style political hc) Element Records
Point of viagra viagra online'>viagra viagra online No Return - What Was Done (test pressing) Catalyst Records
One Fine Day - vladimir ilich ulinov's failure (melodic/metal influenced italian hc. blue vinyl) Cycle Records
Point of View - s/t (another awesome early 90's band - limited cover) Reflection Records/ Faded Image
Refuse to Fall - Soulfire (early 90's krishna-core. melodic in the vein of Split Lip and Shelter) Equal Vision Records #2
Ressurection - s/t (first press - pre 108 and Floorpunch) New Age Records
Split Lip - Soul Kill ( white vinyl) Doghouse Records
Split Lip - Soul Kill (first press- blue vinyl) Doghouse Records
Strife - Grey (duh) Victory Records
Shelter - Quest For Certainty (hard to find bootleg, two songs - Quest For Certainty and After Forever, a Black Sabbath cover)
Tamora - Saves (?) (limited edition #36/ 300 yellow/orange vinyl) Tear It Down Records
The Setup - Screams of Reason (hard to find San Diego vegan sxe band) Words of War Records
Transcend - Product of Greed (awesome early 90's HC from Toledo) Doghouse Records
Unborn s/t (UK political vegan metal/hc members of Statement and Slavearc) Sure Hand Records
Verbal Assault - Tiny Giants (if you don't know about this then its your loss. one of the usefull link buy generic levitra online best 7"s ever) Giant Records

Born Against/ Suckerpunch split (flexi - came with an issue of No Answers zine)
Tears of female viagra Gaia/Statement/Extinguish (three way split) New Eden Records
Zao/Outcast - The Tie That Binds (early recordings from both bands) Steadfast Records
The Cold War comp. (None Left Standing/ Everlast/ Mean Season/ Within A Lie - hard to find) Stability Records
Morning Again/ 25 ta Life (split - clear vinyl) Good Life Recordings
Horizon Records comp. (awesome early 90's comp: Encounter/ Flagman / Ressurection/ Lifetime) Horizon Records
Realization comp. (mid-90's AR comp - Struggle/ Feeding the Fire/ Darkroom/ Shortsight/ Framework) Subjugation Records
American Tragedy comp. (Dead Silence/ Three Studies for A Crucifixion/ Still Life/ Watercolour - political/ melodic/ Ebulition style hc comp, mostly midwest bands) Diffusion Records
Maroon/Absidia split (limited "precover" #67/100 red vinyl) Crapchord Records
Risen/ Breaking Away - Orwell Was an Optimist (split - TEST PRESSING) Catalyst Records
Out of the Cages comp. (Euro AR comp: Insurrection/ Vengeance of Gaia/ Rancor and Purification) Surrounded Records.

10" vinyl
Its Your Choice Live Series (double ten inch comp. with live tracks from: Verbal Assault/ So Much Hate/ Scream/ Melvins + more)

12" vinyl
7 Seconds - Praise (first pressing) Positive Force Records
7 Seconds - New Wind ( first pressing, baby cover) Positive Force Records
Better Than A Thousand - Just one (feat Ray Cappo + members of Battery/Damnation AD etc.) Revelation Records
Bold - Speak Out (first press gatefold LP) Revelation Records
Cro-Mags - Age of Quarrel (first pressing "uncensored" insert) Profile
Downcast - s/t (first mix/ first pressing) Ebulition Records
Doughnuts - The Age of the Circle (all-female sxe hc from Umea Sweden) Victory Records
Endpoint - Catharsis (second Endpoint LP - first pressing) Doghouse RecordsFidelity Jones - Piltdown Lad (early 90's Dischord)
Endpoint - In A Time of Hate (first pressing, original blue cover - early 90's classic midwest hc) Conversion Records
Headfirst - The Enemy (awesome OC hc members of Half Off) Cargo Records
Insted - Bonds of Friendship (yup. only problem is some cover damage) Wishing Well Records
Killing Time - Brightside (picture disk - classic NYHC members of Raw Deal) Lost & Found
No For An Answer - A Thought Crusade (classic OC sxe hc - featuring Dan O'Mahoney) Hawker Records
Outface - Friendly Green (Bad Brains meets Cro-Mags, early 90's Clevo band) Crisis Records
Pittbull - s/t (brutal hc from Detroit, NYHC style) Nemesis Records
Point of No Return - Imposed Freedom (white vinyl/ MDC/Black Flag limited cover) Scorched Earth Policy
Ressurrection - I Refuse (red vinyl) New Age Records
Shades Apart -s/t (awesome late 80's melodic hc) Wishing Well Records
Sick of it All - Scratch the Surface (clear vinyl) Equal Vision Records
Soulside - Trigger (awesome DC post-hc from the early 90's) Dischord Records
Turning Point - Its Always Darkest (first press) New Age Records
Verbal Assault - live (from the Your Choice Live Series 1989 - rare)
Vision - In the Blink of an Eye (early 90's hc from NJ or PA) Nemesis Records
Walls of Jericho - The Bound Feed the Gagged (limited colored vinyl #14/104 - Detroit hc before they started sucking ex Earthmover) Genet Records

Give Me Back Comp (Amenity/ Seein Red/ Spitboy/ Struggle/ Bikini Kill/ Born Against/ Downcast + more) Ebulition
For the Sake of Dedication comp (Ten Yard Fight/ Floorpunch/ Mainstrike/ Halfmast + more) Crucial Response
Another Shot for Bracken comp (rare/hard to find comp: 7 Seconds/ Scream/ Verbal Assault/ Youth of Today + more) Positive Force
4 Bands That could Change the World comp (super rare: 7 Seconds/ Adrenaline OD/ White Flag/ F) Positive Force


Black Label skate shirt - green with logo on front XL
Storm Trooper zine shirt - green with stormtrooper on front/ poison free on back w/ photo XL
Thrasher Magazine shirt - old school torch logo on front. gray shirt XL
Drug Free youth shirt - X on front DRUG FREE YOUTH on back black XL
Strife - In this Defiance tour shirt - logo with flames on front/ "in this defiance" on back. black XL
Risen longlseeve - logo on front/ photo with lyrics on back tan shirt XL

not trading.
if you are interested send a PM
don't waste my time with low-ball offers on enter site buy generic cialis the good shit.


PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 7:41 pm 

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I know it's been awhile since you posted this but are you still selling the Split LIp Soulkill? If you are let me know the price on both color pressings. I am more interested in the blue but let me know of the white please.

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