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PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:09 pm 

Joined: Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:05 pm
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trying to get rid of some of this stuff. if you're interested let me know on here or at and i can send you pics. make an offer and we'll go from there.

Shirts (All Small unless Noted)

Vegan Straight Edge and the like:
- Kill Holiday - Monitor Dependency (XL) - perfect condition, never worn. has the kill holiday logo in silver on the front, old school new age records logo on the sleeve, monitor dependency cover on the back. (black)

- Gather - XVX logo (light green) - this shirt was made for their last batch of shows, and as far as i know, sold out at the last show. really good condition, worn maybe once or twice. (green)

- VeganThis - Liberate - huge vivisection design, perfect condition. (black)

- Catharsis - "Leave This World In Flames" (YL) - pretty worn but still a sweet shirt. (black)

- Owen Hart - "Nordic/Primitivist" - has epic nordic-esque skill w/helmet, stone hammers, and sweer design behind it. Zerzan would be proud.

- Vegan "In Defense Of All Life" - made by xcatalystx records, huge ecology logo on the back with "vegan for earth liberation" on the back, "in defense of all life" on the front. grey lettering. (green)

- Gather - "Green/Sunflower Anarchy" - has gather logo in the front with a sunflower with a circled A in the middle on the back. one of their last designs. (green)

- Path Of Resistance - "Hold Fast The Faithful" - bought this at one of their reunion shows a couple years back. has huge anchor design on canadian pharmacy viagra prescription'>canadian pharmacy viagra prescription the front and a smaller one on the back. (black)

- Earth Crisis - "Reunion 2007" - this was a shirt they sold at their ventura reunion show. has the date as well as a huge "firestorm" logo on the back.

- From The Depths - First Design - members of Catharsis/Requiem's new band. got this when they played out here on the west coast earlier this year. has vultures flying around trees in yellow and white colors. (black)
- xRisenx - "Anti-America" - has xrisenx on the front, upside down american flag with "fuck war, fuck imperialism, fuck the cheap viagra free shipping new world order" written around it in silver/blue font. (brown)


- Deadguy - "Hellfish Design" - says "Listen To Deadguy" on the front, and a sweet pentagram/hellfish logo on the back. really good condition. (black)

- Subhumans - "Demolition War EP" - worn, but design is still intact. (black)

- Uzi Suicide - "Jesus Uzi Suicide" - has a picture of jesus with an uzi to his throat. say no more. (red)

- Marrow - "demo art" - YL/S - made on reused t-shirts, has the demo artwork going down the front of the shirt. screenprinted by the band. kind of an in between fit of youth large and small. (baby blue)

- Where Eagles Dare - B/W Eagle - got this back at a show sometime in 06.(black)

- Where Eagles Dare - Reunion/Benefit Show Shirt - white t-shirt with huge new W.E.D. "XO" logo, as well as the date and benefit show info for geonna grey. (white)

- Coliseum - "Industrial Skulls" - has a bunch of skulls around a industrial wherehouse. got this back when they played in LA around 06 or 07? silver design. (black)

- Cursed - "The Omen" - logo with the scene of Damien in the cemetery from the film, the Omen. (black)

- Architect - "What was it worth?" - has george washington covered in blood with a oil drill spilling oil everywhere. on the back, has "was it worth every drop of blood" in blood font. (black)

- Comadre - Owl Design - YL/S - got this probably three years ago or so. Still in good condition, design in perfect shape. (black)

- Touche Amore - Preorder Design - i believe this shirt was up for sale with the preorder of the 7" they released last year. has a La map with huge TA logo in white font. (black)

7 inches:

- Have Heart - S/T - never been played, good condition. (FIRST PRESS - black vinyl)

- Ceremony - Ruined - good condition. (black vinyl)

- Sinking Ships - Meridian - good condition. (red vinyl)

- Tarpit - Wake Up California (special edition) - this is tarpit's "wake up" e.p. which they made for their california tour in 2005. has a special edition california cover.

- Iron Age - Butcher's Bill - good condition, never played. big hole. (black vinyl)

- Scholastic Deth - Revenge... - good condition. (black vinyl)

90s screamo:
- Sawhorse - s/t - (ebullition) - good condition, has age wear on the top of pfizer levitra cheap'>pfizer levitra cheap the cover, but other than that, in solid shape. (black vinyl)

- The People's War - Making Enemies EP - (coalition records) - good condition. (black vinyl)

- Moxa - s/t - (coalition?) - black vinyl.

- Jara - (ebullition) - vinyl in good condition, cover has a bit of age wear, but still good shape.

- Curll - woolen solider, forgotte, whispered lower intellect - good condition. black vinyl.

- Ex-Ignota - "Lazarus is back to report... sunny skies in heaven" - good condition, black vinyl. cover has a weird tear that goes around the prescription cialis'>prescription cialis label of the record, but i get the feeling thats how all of them were?

90s/esque hardcore:
- the suppression swing - just a word - good condition, white vinyl.

- sentient - 7 generation's own, chris rouse, first band. good condition, black vinyl.

- cherem - in god we trust ep - 24/300 (the most straight edge copy of them all)

- tears of gaia/statement/exinguish - split 7 inch. out of print. never played. good condition.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:09 pm 

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wish i fit into a small

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:14 pm 
i need some fresh air

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kevan, why do you wear girlsized shirts ??? :)

I wear these X's on my fist like you wear those herpes on 100mg viagra your lips !

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:19 am 
i need some fresh air

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I hope to get paypal sorted soon. I've offered mostly all the shirts.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:14 am 

Joined: Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:05 pm
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luc315 wrote:
kevan, why do you wear girlsized shirts ??? :)

haha i'm a short guy! i'll look like i'm wearing XXL if i wear a medium.

catharis "seventh seal", peter young, and requiem shirts are sold, as is the have heart "bonds of broship" record. still have everything else. make offers.

plus, i'm selling a couple more:

-VERSE - Aggression (Small) - this is a full color shirt of the Aggression LP, B9 made this, and only 150 of these were made. still in very good condition.

- Die Young - "Feel the Love Even if it Doesn't Exist" (Small) - got this a year or two, good condition, huge skeleton praying print on the front, boat filled with people in a storm with the lyrics "feel the love because you need a reason to persist, feel the love even if it doesn't exist" going around it. very good condition.

108 - "Eighteen.Sixtyone" design (small) - this is tan version of this shirt. got it on their last tour.

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