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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 5:53 pm 

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Here's the list:
The 7 Inches are between $2-4 and the LPS are $6-8. Just email me @
I just want to get rid of all these records because I'm going to tour soon, so I can try to make deals.

7 Inches:
7 Seconds Dedicated to buying cialis Hardcore Vicious Scam Black
7 Seconds Committed For Life EP Pazzafist Records Clear Blue
7 Seconds Blasts From The Past EP Pazzafist Records Black
9 Shocks Terror S/T Havoc Records Black
A Death Between Seasons S/T Satan's Pimp Pimp Clear Red
A Global Threat In The Red Rodent Popsicle Black
Arabella S/T Spacement Records Clear Red
Artimus Pyle S/T Prank Black
Ass-End Offend Becoming Our Destruction Poisoned Candy Records Black
Asschapel S/T Hungry Ghost Black
Bafabegiya Those Who Die Dancing Spacement Records Clear Yellow
Betrayed Addiction EP Bridge Nine Black
BG The Congratulations 625 Thrashcore Black
BG The And That's What I'm Here to do Rabid Dog Black
Blank Stare White Hell Third Party Records White
Blank Stare S/T DIY Black
Boy Sets Fire Consider Initial Black
breed/extinction S/T DIY Black
Burning Times S/T Tadpole Black
Chain of Strength True Till Death Revelation Records Black
Chokehold Instiled Bloodlink Black
Code 13 They Made a Wasteland And Called Havoc Records Grey Marble
Code 13 A Part of America Died Today Havoc Records Blue Marble
Collateral Damage S/T Indecision Black
Cornered S/T 625 Thrashcore Clear Yellow
Creosote Life Lessons Music For Social Change Black
Crimpshrine "Sleep What's That?" EP Lookout Records Black
Crimpshrine Quit Talkin' Claude… Lookout Records Black
Crucial Attack S/T 625 Thrashcore Black
Crucial Attack How we Roll Summer Tour '05 Third Party Records Black
Cruel Hand S/T 6131 Records Red
Damage Deposit Straight to The Bottom Havoc Records Black
Damnation A.D. S/T Tidal Dark Red
Deadfall Keep Telling Yourself It's Okay Tank Crimes Blue Marble
Desolation S/T No Options Black
Detestation The Inhuman Condition Census Reality Black
Die Young Loss A398 Recordings Grey Marble
Direction Flatline Ballyhoo Withdrawl Records Black
Dog Assassin S/T Spacement Records Black
Donnybrook! There is no Love For The Insincere 1917 Records Black
Doom Monarchy Vinyl Japan Black
Downcast S/T Ebullition Black
DS-13 Aborted Teen Generation Havoc Records Black
Ebola Virus No Redemption Art of the Underground #3 Black
Econochrist Another Victim Ebullition Black
Econochrist Skewed Ebullition Black
Everlast …Drown The Self… Chapter Records Black
Force Of Change The Bond we Share 6131 Records Clear
Forced Down S/T Downside Black
Foundation Triphammer Significant Records Clear Red
Foundation S/T Dead Alive Black
Gather S/T New Eden Records Clear Green
Gauze S/T Prank Black
Godstomper Saturday Morning Powerviolence Slap-a-Ham Black
Gorilla Biscuits S/T Revelation Records Black
Guyana Punch Line Youth For Smashism Coalition Clear Red
h100s Texas Deathmatch EP Havoc Records White
Hammer Raw Tracks 2000 Deranged Black
Hard Stance Face Reality Workshed Clear Red
Harvest One Step Closer Than The Last Trustkill Black
Haymaker Love The Music, Hate The Kids Deranged Black
Haymaker Lost Tribe Deranged Black
Haymaker Fuck America Deranged Clear Red
High on Crime Pour Some Sewage on me 625 Thrashcore Black
His Hero Is Gone The Dead of Night in Eight Movements Prank Orange
In Line One Step Colder Lost and follow link purchase viagra Found Clear Blue
Ironside S/T Stormstrike Black
Judge There Will be Quiet Revelation Records Black
Kakistocracy S/T Humdinger Records Black
Kylesa S/T Prank Blue Marble
Last Priest We All Failed Old Guard Black
Life In Pictures S/T Coldbringer Records White
Limp Wrist Want us Dead Lengua Armada Black
Living Under Lies S/T Primary Thoughts Black
Masskontroll Warpath EP Havoc Records Clear Red
Minor Threat Salad Days EP Dischord Black
Monster X Attrition Ebullition Black
Morse Code Heartbeat S/T Grey Sky Records Grey Marble
No Dice Suffer 625 Thrashcore Black
Parallax On Dead Tracks Black Lung Industries Black
Parasitic Infested Within Deep Six White
Poison Control The Violent Years Deranged Black
Prayer For Cleansing The Tragedy Surprise Attack Light Green
Progess On The Rise Again…? Eugene Records Black
Propagandhi How to Clean a Couple of Things Fat Wreck Chords Black
Rad Times S/T Spacement Records Black
Rancid S/T Lookout Records Black
Reality Something Hurts Flatline Clear Green
Redrum S/T 702 Records Blue Marble
Regulations Different Needs EP Havoc Records Black
Remains of The Day S/T DIY Yellow
Revolt Brutality Familiar Clean Plate Records Black
Sentient Violence of Consumption New Eden Records Black
Sevin Heaven's Deception Militant Records Black
Showering Ashes S/T Scenester Credentials Black
Struggle S/T Ebullition Black
Takaru Final Show Test Pressing 44/50 DIY Black
Team Dresch S/T DIY Black
Ten Yard Fight Hardcore Pride Equal Vision Records Black
Ten Yard Fight The Only Way Equal Vision Records Clear Red
The Black Heart Procession S/T Suicide Squeeze Black
The Bruisers Still Standing up Haunted Town Black
The Degenerics S/T Soul Rebel Records Clear
The Swarm AKA Knee Deep in The Dead Old Blues is Dead` No Idea Blue Marble
This Computer Kills S/T Sedition White
This is my Fist I Don't Want to Startle You… Left Off The Dial Black
This Machine Kills On The Move Coalition Black
This Time Tomorrow The Learning New Eden Records Black
Totalitar Vir Ar Eliten Feral Ward Black
Unconquered My Pain Area 51 Clear Red
Under Class S/T Tadpole Black
Universal Order of Armageddon RPM Jade Tree Clear Red
Vitamin X Rip it Out Havoc Records Black
Wait in Vain S/T Catalyst Records Black
Wasteland S/T Clean Plate Records Black
Worlds Collide S/T Victory Black
xEye of female version of viagra Judgementx The War Has Begun New Eden Records White
Youth of Today S/T Revelation Records Black
Zoinks! Soap Factory Dr. Strange Records Black
Zoinks! Sapsucker Sluggo Satan's Pimp Pimp Black
Split 7"
Ahriman/ Vae Victis Satan's Pimp/ 702 Black
Bafabegiya/ Arabella Spacement Records Black
Bafabegiya/ Arabella Black Cover Spacement Records Black
Bloodpact/ Reaching Forward Reflections Records Black
Bread And Water/ Reason of Insanity Buritto Fucking Records Black
Carpenter Ant/ Headaches Square of Opposition Black
Crucial Attack/ Radical Attack Ghost Town Black
Del Cielo/ Kill The Man Who Questions Ed Walters Black
Disbelief/ Outcome Moo Cow Records Black
Envy/ This Machine Kills a Split Seven Inch HG Records Black
F.P.O./ Secret Seven Moo Cow Records
Final Fight/ Life Long Tragedy Deathwish Records Red/Yellow
Godstomper/ No Comply Satan's Pimp/ False Sense Grey Marble
Greyskull/ Bafabegiya Spacement Records Black
Haymaker/ Fucked Up Deep Six Grey Marble
Inside Out/ Youth of Today Bootleg Black
Page 99/ City of Caterpillar Level Plane Grey Marble
Pist/ Half Empty New Disorder Records Black
Redrum/ Negative Step Satan's Pimp Black
Risen/ Breaking Away Catalyst Records Clear
Ruination/ The Live Dead Alive Black
The Assistant/ The Scarlet Letter Alone Records Clear
The Gain/ Scared of Chaka 702 Records Black
Think in French/ Words Bodies Humaniterrorist Clear
Tragedy/ Totalitar Armageddon Label Black
Unbroken/ Groundwork Bloodlink Black
X-Wing/ Prey Spacement Records Clear Red
Zoinks!/ Narcissistic Freds Satan's Pimp Black
Why Must we Die For Your Science? Vivisection PT.2 Spiral Records Black
A//Political/ React/ Resist And Exist/ Act of Heresy
A Reason For Living Compilation
despair/ Against All Hope/ Envy/ Snapcase New Direction Records Black
Unforeseen Disasters
In/Humanity/ Initial State/ Damad/ El Toro Passive Fist Black
3/12/1993 Compilation
John Henry West/ Sinker/ Not For The Lack of Trying/ Manumission Ebullition Black
Rudimentary Peni Archaic Outer Himalayan
Our War If You're Not Now, You're Fucking Dead Deranged
Indecision/ Shai Hulud The Fall of Every Man Revelation Records
Seasick Awakenings Braindrain Black/Yellow
No Time Left S/T 625 Thrashcore Black
Born Dead Icons New Scream Industry Stonehenge Black
Man is The Bastard/ The Locust King of The Monsters Black
Warzone Lower East Side Victory Black
2 Pac All Eyez on me Death Row Black
7 Seconds Walk Together, Rock Together Positive Force Records Black
7 Seconds Walk Together, Rock Together BYO Black
7 Seconds Cargo Clear Orange
9 Shocks Terror Zen And The Art of Beating Your Ass Havoc Records Grey Marble
97A Abandon Future Coalition Black
A Global Threat What The Fuck Will Change? Punkcore Black
Acrid Eighty Sixed No Idea Clear
All Systems Fail S/T Alerta Antifascista Black
Allegiance Overlooked Rivalry Records Yellow/ Red
Allegiance Desperation Rivalry Records Clear Green
Another Breath Mill City Rivalry Records Clear Blue
Anti Nowhere League The Perfect Crime GWR Records Black
Anti-Flag Die For The Government New Red Archives White
Apeface S/T Hopscotch Black
Artimus Pyle Civil Dead Prank Clear Green
Artimus Pyle Fucked From Birth Prank Black
As Hope Dies Legions Bow to a Faceless God Forest Moon Special Products Red/Clear
Ass-End Offend Character Assassins Wantage Records Black
Asshole Parade Embers No Idea Black
Aus Rotten Their System Works For Them Tribal War Records Clear Orange
Aus Rotten And Now Back to our Programming Tribal War Records Clear Green
Bad Brains I Against I SST Black
Bad Brains S/T ROIR Records Black
Ballast Sound Asleep Profane Existence Black
Ballast Fuse Stonehenge Black
Battery Whatever it Takes… Revelation Records Black
Behind Enemy Lines Know Your Enemy (No Sleeve) Profane Existence Clear Red
Black Flag Damaged SST Black
Black Flag Everything Went Black SST Black
Black Heart Procession Two Touch And Go Records Black
Black SS Foreign Object Reaper Records Red
Bloodlet Eclectic Victory Black
Blue Monday Rewritten (Rivalry Showcase '06 Picture Disc) Rivalry Records Picture Disc
Bold Speak Out Revelation Records Black
Bones Brigade I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding Coalition Black
Born Against Battle Hymns of The Race War Prank Black
Born Dead Icons Ruins Feral Ward Black
Bouncing Souls How I Spent My Summer Vacation Epitaph Black
Boxed In Too Many Dead Lengua Armada Black
Bread And Circuits S/T Ebullition Black
Brother Inferior Anthems For Greater Salvation Sensual Underground Black
Brotherhood Words Run…As Thick As Blood Crucial Response Black
Bruce Banner I've Had it With Humanity 625 Thrashcore Black
Brutal Knights The Pleasure is All Thine Deranged Black
Caustic Christ Can't Relate Havoc Records Black
Cave In Tides of Tomorrow Hydra Head Picture Disc
Ceremony Violence Violence Malfunction Red/White
Chain of Strength The One Thing That Still Holds True Revelation Records Black
Christ On Parade Sounds of Nature Prank Black
Circle Jerks Golden Shower of Hits LAX Records Black
Coalesce Last Call For The Living No Idea Blue Marble
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to The Head Capitol Black
Comadre Burn Your Bones Adagio 830 Black
Combat Wounded Veteran This is Not an Erect All Red (Box Set) No Idea Blue
Crass Stations of The Crass Crass Black
Criminal Damage S/T Feral Ward Black
Cursed Two Goodfellow Records Black
Cursed One Deathwish White
Cut The Shit Harmed And Dangerous Gloom Black
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust Statik Black
Decrepit Tired of licking Blood From a Spoon Profane Existence Black
Defiance No Future No Hope Punkcore Grey Marble
Deprived Discography (No Sleeve) Threat to look there price cialis Exsistence Black
Die Young Graven Images Teenage Disco Bloodbath White/Blue
Die Young The Message SA Mob Grey
DMX The Great Depression Double Vinyl Def Jam Black
DMX And Then There Was X Def Jam Black
Donnybrook! Lions in This Game Double or Nothing Clear Blue
Down In Flames S/T 625 Thrashcore Black
Down To Nothing Unbreakable Revelation Records Clear Red
Down To Nothing The Most Revelation Records Clear Red
Downcast S/T Ebullition Black
Dr. Dre The Chronic Death Row Black
Dragnet We're All Cutthroats Dead Alive Black
Drop Dead Drop Dead Stemra Black
Drop Dead Discography 92-93 Armageddon Label Clear
Drop Dead 2nd LP Armageddon Label Black
Dystopia S/T Life Is Abuse Clear
Embrace S/T Dischord Black
End of The Line S/T Ebullition Clear Green
Endeavor Constructive Semantics Trustkill Records Black
Facedown Beyond All Horizons Genet Records Black
From Ashes Rise Concrete And Steel DIY Black
From Ashes Rise Nightmares Jade Tree Black
From Ashes Rise Scilence Witch Hunt Black
Funeral Shock S/T Six Weeks Black
Gehenna Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris DIY Black
Gehenna Upon The Gravehill King of The Monsters Black
Go it Alone The Only Blood Between Us Rivalry Records Clear
GOB The Kill Yourself Commandment Satan's Pimp Red
Godspeed You Black Emperor! Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Constellation Black
Good Clean Fun Shopping For a Crew Dead Serious Black
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today Revelation Records Black
Government Issue Boycott Stabb Reflex Orange
Graf Orlock Destination Time Yesterday Level Plane Green Marble
He Who Corrupts 10 Steps to Success 625 Thrashcore Black
Hercules Those of The Damned Run in Circle For Glory Nihlism Records Black
Heroin S/T Gravity Black
Hiatus El Sueno de la Razon Produce Monstrous Misanthropic Records Black
Himsa Courting Tragedy And Disaster Excursion Picture Disc
Himsa Ground Beaking Ceremony Revelation Records Black
Hirax Assassins of War Black Devil Blue Marble
His Hero is Gone Fifteen Counts of Arson Prank Black
His Hero is Gone Monuments to Thieves Prank Black
His Hero is Gone The Plot Sickens DIY Black
Holding On Just Another Day Havoc Records Clear Green
In My Eyes The Difference Between Revelation Records Black
Indecision Most Precious Blood Exit Records Picture Disc
Indecision Release The Cure MIA Clear Green
Internal Affairs S/T Malfunction Black
Iron Age Constant Struggle Reflections Black
Judge What It Meant Discography Double LP Revelation Records Yellow/Black
Kaaos Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos Havoc Records Black
Kakistocracy S/T Profane Existence Black
Lack of Interest S/T Deep Six Blood Red
Landmine Marathon Wounded Level Plane Black
Lash Out The Darkest Hour Stormstrike Black
Left For Dead Live Deranged Black
Limpwrist 18 Songs 12" La Vida Es Un Mus Black
Look Back And Laugh State of it's cool buy cheapest viagra Illusion Look Back And Laugh Silk Screened
Look Back And Laugh S/T Lengua Armada Black
Lords of Light Energy 625 Thrashcore White
Los Crudos 1991-1995 Los Primeros Gritos DIY Black
Lost World Everything Said Ruin Nation Black
Ludicra S/T Life Is Abuse White
Ludicra Another Great Love Song Alternative Tentacles Black
Mainstrike No Passing Phase Crucial Response Black
Messengers S/T Punkcore Black
Metallica Master of Puppets Elecktra Black
Minor Threat S/T Dischord Black
Morning Again As Traditions Die Slowly Revelation Records Black
Morser Pure Scum Vendetta Black
None of The Above S/T Rabid Cat Black
Nora Loser's Intuition Good Life Picture Disc
Old Man Gloom Seminar 2- The Holy Rites of... Double LP Tortuga Records Clear Blue
Outspoken A Light in The Dark New Age Records Black
Poison Idea Latest Will And Testament Farewell Records Black
Project Hopeless Kalla Javla Samhalle Not Enough Black
Propagandhi Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes Fat Wreck Chords Black
Propagandhi Potemkim City Limits Fat Wreck Chords Black
Rambo Bring It Havoc Records Black
Ramones Rocket to Russia Sire Black
Rancid Rancid Hellcat Black
Remains of The Day Hanging On Rebellion Yellow Dog Black
Reprisal Mail Order Knife Set Good Life Black
Requiem Storm Heaven Crimethinc Black
Reversal of Man This is Medicine Ebullition Black
Rites of Spring S/T Dischord Black
Rudimentary Peni Cacophony Outer Himalayan Black
Rudimentary Peni Death Church Corpus Christi Black
Rudimentary Peni The EP'S of RP Corpus Christi Black
Sangraal Wolves of Armageddon Wicked Witch Black
Scumbrigade Negative Hardcore Destructive Youth DIY Black
See It Through Breakthrough Fields of best price generic cialis'>best price generic cialis Hope Blue
Set It Straight Live Your Heart And Never Follow Twelve Gauge Records Clear Green
Severed Head Of State Power Hazard Havoc Records Black
Shai Hulud A Profound Hatred of Man Revelation Records Picture Disc
Shattered Realm From The Dead End Blocks Where Life Mean Spook City Records Clear Orange
Short Fuse S/T Underestimated Black
Skit System Stigmata Havoc Records Black
Skit System Allt E Skit Havoc Records Black
Skit System Enkel Resa Till Rannstenen Havoc Records Grey Marble
SSD Power (Never Opened) Taang! Black
Straight to Hell Commence The Apocalypse Gloom Black
Subhumans Time Flies Bluurg Records Black
Submission Hold Waiting For Another Monkey to Throw The Ebullition Black
Submission Hold What Holds Back The Elephant G7 Welcoming Committee Black
Sunday Morning Einsteins Kangnave Prank Black
Takaru There Can Only be None Alone Black
Terror One With The Underdogs Trustkill Records Clear Green
The Awakening Eternal Blizard Solar Funeral Black
The Coup Kill my Landlord Double Vinyl Wild Pitch Black
The Evens Get Evens Dischord Black
The First Step What We Know Rivalry Records Clear Blue
The Holy Mountain Enemies EP Alerta Antifascista Black
The Rites There Shall be no Encore Mono/Retorik White
The Rites S/T Dead Alive Black
The Unseen So This is Freedom? A-F Black
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Three Way Tie For Fifth No Idea Black
Throwdown Haymaker Trustkill Records Black/Red
Totalitar Ni Maste Bort! Prank Clear Red
Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten Prank Black
Tragedy Vengence Tragedy Records Black
Tragedy Nerve Damage Tragedy Records Black
Tragedy S/T Tragedy Records Black
True North We Speak in Code No Idea Black
Umlaut Havoc Wreakers Combat Rock Industries Black
Unholy Grave Revoltage Agromosh Yellow Marble
Uniform Choice Screaming For a Change Wishingwell Records Black
Unit Pride Then And Now Mankind Black
Vae Victis S/T Satan's Pimp Black
Vae Victis Ugly Reflection Mortal Atrophy Black
Victims …in Blood Havoc Records Grey Marble
Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone Rough Trade Black
Violent Femmes Hallowed Ground Slash Black
Violent Headache S/T Six Weeks Black
Vitamin X Down The Drain Havoc Records Blood Red
Voorhees Spilling Blood Without Reason Armed With Anger Black
Wait In Vain Seasons Panic Records Green Marble
Walls S/T Painkiller Black
What Happens Next? Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter Sound Pollution Black
Witch Hunt As Priorities Decay Profane Existence Black
Witch Hunt Blood Red States Profane Existence Grey Marble
Wolfbrigade A D-Beat Odyssey Havoc Records Black
Wormwood Starvation Kreation Black
Youth Attack Don't Look Back Think Fast! Clear Orange
Zann Three Years in The Desert Vendetta Black
Zegota Reclaim Amor Y Lucha Black

Split LPs
Acts of Sedition/ Bafabegiya Spacement Records Grey Marble
Bloodpact/ Varsity Plus/Minus Black
breed/extinction/ the awakened DIY Black
Des Ark/ Ben Davis Lovitt Records Clear Green
Graf Orlock/ Greyskull Dood Records Clear
Left For Dead/ Chokehold Rhythm of Sickness Black
Lifes Halt!/ What Happens Next? Start Something 625 Thrashcore Black
Los Crudos/ Reversal of Man Misprint Ebullition Black
Los Crudos/ Spitboy Ebullition Black
Resist And Exist/ Phobia Profane Exsistence Black
Stormcrow/ Sanctum No Options Black
Victims/ From Ashes Rise Havoc Records Black

V/A Something To Believe In BYO Black
Critical Pedagogy Six Weeks Black
Some Ideas Are Poisonous Ebullition Black
Reno Comp Sedition Records Black

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