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Catalyst Records is a label dedicated to more than just releasing records. Catalyst is also about ideas and the meaning behind the music, such as straight edge, veganism, feminism, the DIY concept, as well as fighting intolerance and injustice. Knowledge is power.

We are dedicated to maintaining the spirit of the hardcore music scene, both by remaining DIY, and by promoting bands that fit with the ideals of the label, not just because they will sell records. Catalyst is a label that still believes that hardcore is as much about communication, hopes and ideals as it is about music. We believe that without the music, the ideals remain; but that without the ideals the vitality of hardcore is missing. Music on its own is merely entertainment, on some levels hardcore is entertainment, but it is our hope that it is also something more.

:: straight edge : We believe dedication to living a substance-free lifestyle is another step in forging a better world; both for the sake of personal clarity, and to stand apart from yet another form of mass population control. Clarity is the weapon they fear, reclaim your life.

:: veganism : We believe that the concept and practice of veganism is an integral part of leading a personally responsible life, and of bringing justice into an unjust world. Please take the time to educate yourself about our culture's relationship with non-human animals and steps you can take to make a difference.

:: feminism : Gender issues are greatly overlooked within the hardcore scene, and that gender repression and inequality is one of the greatest injustices in our culture, crosscutting the lines of class and race.

The list is in no way meant to be exhaustive, there are countless struggles for justice in the world that can use your attention. The question is what are you willing to do...

Kurt Catalyst KURT
Used to do just about everything. Now does a little less. Needs more tattoos.

Hardcore, good vegan food, design, skateboarding, travelling/ touring, cooking, good vegan food, California, Europe, good vegan food.

Fav. Bands:
Cro-Mags, Turmoil, Verse, Gather, YOT, To Kill, Point of No Return, Morrissey, Dead Prez, Blackstar, Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley + a shit ton more.

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Points of Interest:
- Kurt really wants to be a world-famous MC
- Former vocalist of BIRTHRIGHT, currently with RISEN
- Winner of "Lifetime Achievement for Superior Excellence in the Field of Vegan Straight Edge" award. Presented by We Love Soy, makers of Temptation vegan ice cream.
Allan does a lot of stuff that Kurt used to do, and a lot of stuff Kurt wanted to do but didn't have time. This includes being dapper and well-groomed.

Avocados, Destroy the Machines, California, product.

Fav. Bands:
Earth Crisis, Good Riddance, Morrissey, the Catalyst Records catalog, euro metalcore.

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Points of Interest:
- Allan used to play guitar in GATHER.
- He currently publishes a real-life HC zine called WHAT WE HAVE
- He's also an elementary school teacher
- Thats not his child.

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[317] 722.0680

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Kurt Schroeder
[everything Allan doesn't do]

Allan Viscarra
[stuff Kurt can't get to]


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